A Cult Revisited.

Your music has a new design.

Radio.cubo,Italian design cult object, is back even more colorful and technological. Design, colors and high quality audio for a product that has revolutionized the way we listen to music.

The colors of Italian Style

Emotions light up.

The 60s are back with Radio.cubo and its new colors : orange, red, purple, pink, white, black, blue, yellow.Bright colors, new features, ease of use and quality materials make this radio a collector's item for the fans of design.

Open it, turn it, discover it

Radio.cubo has no secrets

Drag your mouse on the Radio.cubo and discover its faces. With the middle button Radio.cubo opens with a click into the two symmetrical bodies that characterize its design.

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  • Smartphone




    AUX Mode

    For each device

    FM - DAB Mode


    Radio Alarm

    Radio Alarm

    Remote control

    Radio.cubo a distanza

    Radio.cubo raises

    Try and connect it with other devices.

    Click on power and
    turn on Radio.cubo, move your mouse over fm / am radio to tune in, click on tone to
    turn up the volume, select the mode you prefer , pause whenever you want.

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    Turn Radio.cubo

    container for emotions and feelings.

  • Smartphone


    Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to Radio.cubo.
    Manage the inputs and your playlists
    with your mobile and hear the difference .

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  • Computer

    Connect your digital universe

    Through the new bluetooth feature you can
    now also connect your pc .
    Radio.cubo becomes the soundtrack of your movies ,
    you'll hear as you've never heard before.
    Radio.cubo will never be just a simple radio :
    it will be the amp of your life.

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  • AUX Mode

    No device can resist Radio.cubo

    Through the aux jack socket, you can connect Radio.cubo
    to all types of devices and listen to your music as you've never
    heard before .

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  • antenna

    FM - DAB Mode

    Tune in radio.cubo

    Thanks to the new telescopic antenna tune on your favorite radio
    frequencies will not be a problem that remains is to listen.

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  • Radio Alarm

    Radio.cubo says “Good Morning”

    Turn your wakeup time into an experience.
    Customize the settings and the
    radio station and start your day the right way.

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  • Remote control

    Radiocubo in your hand.

    With the remote control you can
    manage your music - including devices - from the comfort
    of your sofa .

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    monitor 2

Technology and personality

There is a Radio.cubo for each of us

Color shows its personality,
innovation describes the character. Today more than ever Radio.cubo is not only an Italian history cult,
but an object of the digital age that interacts with each type of device.



With its sealed bass reflex speaker, its 4'' 9 W RMS loudspeaker and its 25 W nominal power amplifier you will have a higher sound quality and you will hear a completely different music .

Lcd display

The 76mm x 24mm LCD screen shows you the radio channel you're listening to , the time , the mode and many other options .

Mode button

Switch from fm to dab+ to bluetooth with a simple button.

Bluetooth indicator

Hold down the Pair button and connect your Radio.Cubo to other devices via Bluetooth.

Power button

Turn on your Radio.cubo : discover the pleasure of listening to music in a totally new way .

Menu button

Adjust bass and treble equalization the way you prefer or that best suits your style (rock, jazz, pop), choose the display illumination, set the date and much more...

Aux socket

Connect all devices to Radio.Cubo with aux-in jack .

Volume Bar

Turn up and down the volume of your music without losing quality.

Back button

When in menu mode , you can always go back to the previous function thanks to the Back button.

Telescopic antenna

Improve the reception of your Radio.cubo with its new telescopic antenna .

Battery compartment

With its battery compartment your Radio.cubo has a ⅞ hours battery life at medium volume. Always take it with you.


Zinc and aluminum mask and handle for a greater strength and a more refined design.

The frenquencies of history

A timeless design

Radio.cubo represents the Made in Italy design of the 1970s. The aesthetic taste and the style of that period inspired its forms and its peculiarities . Today Radio.cubo still keeps its essence, but it reappeares on the international market adding to its charm a new technology that makes it even more unique.

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