radio grattacielo rr327D+S

Original design by Marco Zanuso

In 1965 Radio Grattacielo (Skyscraper) was born, a small design revolution by Marco Zanuso. A clean break from the past, with a square design, and total lack of curves, for a skyscraper made of right angles, to be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on your mood and your need for space. Now, rr327D+S is reborn. The plastic case, the new rechargeable lithium battery, and the LCD screen make it an even more charming product minimilastic and timeless, imitated by many but never equaled in style, refinement and design.

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radio grattacielo

Through rr327D+S you may connect your smartphone, tablet or PC via the last generation Bluetooth. Listen to your favorite digital radio stations using the DAB/DAB+ function. Radio Grattacielo rr327D+S is also equipped with a USB input to recharge your smartphone. Radio Grattacielo, the rhomboid the world is going crazy for, is available in black night, red and white.

Radio Grattacielo
Radio Grattacielo

Technical specifications

  • Bluetooth
  • Dab/Dab+
  • 1 auxiliary audio input (3.5” jack)
  • RDS function n 8 radio station presets
  • Auto Digital Setup
  • 1 stereo headphone output (3.5” jack)
  • Dual power supply: electric or rechargeable lithium battery
  • Power supply: 100-240 V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply unit voltage output : 9VDC 1A
  • USB port for smartphone recharge
  • Wake-up alarm with Snooze feature
  • FM Radio
  • Instruction Manual

Brionvega mask kit

Exclusively, only for purchases from the official Brionvega website, with the purchase of a radio grattacielo you will receive a "Brionvega mask kit" containing 2 protective masks and 1 container bag of the same color as the purchased radio.cubo.

Filter masks for the exclusive use of the community. It is not a medical device or dpi. Washable at 40 ° and reusable. 100% Made in Italy. KIUNEY SRL Badia settefrati, 52 06066 Pietrafitta, Perugia Italia

Radio.cubo mascherine

Marco Zanuso

Designer, urban planner and architect, Marco Zanuso has stood since the Second World War as a leading protagonist in the Modern Movement cultural debate. Numerous collaborations illustrious during his career: the most significant ones stand out with brothers Livio, Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni and Richard Sapper. Along with this has created – in 1962 – Doney, the TV for Brionvega. A successful challenge for the Italian brand, repeated – in the following years with the design of televisions Sirius (1964) and Black (1969) and the radio.cubo.